Sodium borohydride CAS 16940-66-2

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Sodium borohydride CAS 16940-66-2 is a white crystalline powder widely used as a reducing agent. It is soluble in water, liquid ammonia, and amines, and slightly soluble in ethanol and tetrahydrofuran. Stable in dry air, it decomposes in wet air and when heated at 500 ℃. Commonly employed to reduce aldehydes, ketones, and acyl chlorides, it also serves as a foaming agent in the plastic industry, a bleach in paper making, and a hydrogenation agent in pharmaceuticals. Notably, it cannot typically reduce esters, amides, carboxylic acids, and nitriles, except for α-ester carbonyl groups with heteroatoms.

Molecular Formula NaBH₄
Molecular Weight 37.83
Density 1.074
Melting point 133-136 °C
Boiling Point 400 °C
Appearance White powder
solubility Soluble in water and alcohols

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-Powders: double-layer aluminum foil bag for 1kg sample, and 25kgs per drums for bulk
-Liquids: sealed bottle for 1L sample, and 25kgs per drums for bulk
-Customize packaging is available

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8-10 days arrive to Australia by special line without any customs issue.

Sodium borohydride CAS 16940-66-2

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